Green Audio Power

Conserving energy has been an integral part of the company’ DNA since the birth of Powersoft, with the mission to design and manufacture truly energy-efficient products

This approach reduces the impact of the equipment on the environment and it also represents an interesting economic advantage.

Introduced by Powersoft in 1995, Class D PWM technology is now becoming the norm for both manufacturers and end-users. The key aspect of this technology is based on extremely high efficiency that allows it to transform all the energy drawn from the mains into usable power, and to recycle the reactive energy coming back from the loudspeakers (typically, this can be very damaging for traditional linear amplifiers). This technology produces equipment with useful features for both touring and fixed install equipment. Specifically, the main benefits of this aspect in Powersoft products are ultra-high efficiency (0.95-0.99%) and consequent reduction of the required energy for the same output power

As a result, Power Factor Correction (PFC) integrated into switching mode power supply and Class D PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) are two technologies that have directly benefitted the environmental impact in the industry.

PFC technology is mandated in other fields because it is key to the efficient use of the available energy. It also represents a perfect choice for Fixed Installation equipment, where lower power levels are spread over a longer period, producing a significant total energy consumption, for both for the amplifiers and the cooling system, if present.

The benefits produced by the adoption of this technology include:

  • energy savings and lower carbon footprint (equivalent CO2 emissions) with a reduction of approximately 40% compared to amplifiers without power factor correction for the same output power.
  • reduced heating generation due to lower RMS currents from the mains.
  • reduced logistic costs due to the decreased weight and volumes
  • more flexibility in mounting options thanks to the lower thermal dissipation values that also help keeping cooling costs down

Finally, because Powersoft amplifiers deliver the best power to size ratio, less amplifiers (with smaller size) are required to run the same PA system which directly impacts CO2 emissions.

Powersoft’s main factory in Italy is self-sufficient thanks to solar panels installed on its roof. It is not only generating enough power for the factory requirements, but the extra energy is then sold to energy suppliers.

The products are shipped in packaging that has been optimized to reduce the quantity of single-use plastic. The use of single-use plastic has also been limited within the company itself.

Furthermore, Powersoft has partnered with 2C Ecologia to aid in the recycling of materials within the supply chain. All Powersoft’s products are REACH compliant and adhere to the strict RoHS standard in terms of use of hazardous materials that are hazardous for the health of the environment.