DSP Technology

Powersoft’s DSP implements a complete audio management system that provides a unique level of control and can be used to set the tone of any space.


The internal DSP has allowed us to develop a series of features and functionalities for our products, which can all be configured and managed via our proprietary software ArmoníaPlus.

Input Matrix Routing

Implemented non-Boolean routing and mixing capabilities. This tool allows any mixing and gain adjustment combination.

Input Selection

Allows for the selection of source priorities among all available ANALOG and DIGITAL inputs. Implements an automated backup strategy aimed to improve reliability against signal fault: in case of signal loss, missing pilot tone, or even forced remotely, the amplifier automatically switches to the most reliable signal source or preferred source.

Ways, Output EQ & Limiters

Granular control over each channel achieved by the speaker routing tool that allows adjusting separately each way/band by gain and polarity; IRR Filters, crossovers; peak, RMS, and TruePower™ limiters; Active DampingControl™; and LiveImpedance™ monitoring. All amplifiers, apart from Mezzo, also include FIR filters.

Advanced EQ

A multi-stage equalizer designed for sound shaping and fine-tuning. It includes several different filters per channel, including parametric raised-cosine IIR filters, and other tuning adjustments such as polarity and delay.