Verso Gateway

The gateway to MyUniverso

Safety Reliability


Verso is a compact half RU device that serves as the pivotal link between Powersoft amplifiers and MyUniverso Cloud platform. This solution seamlessly integrates with the complete Powersoft portfolio, spanning Unica, Quattrocanali, Duecanali, Mezzo, T Series, X Series, and WMT. Precision-designed, Verso’s form factor features RGB LED indicators on the front panel, providing immediate visual feedback. The dual-isolated networking architecture enhances security, with LAN and Cloud access separated for optimal protection. Beyond connectivity, Verso ensures reliability by offering secure data storage during internet outages. With centralized remote firmware updates and the added convenience of Easy Swap, Verso guarantees a worry-free experience for maintaining and optimizing your Powersoft amplifiers, making it the essential gateway to unlocking the full potential of MyUniverso.


Elevate your audio experience to new heights by integrating seamlessly with
MyUniverso, Powersoft’s groundbreaking cloud service.