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Touring Amps

Touring Amps

Engineered to deliver great sound, reliability, and high power density, our amps are chosen by leading touring companies. Small in size and light in weight, our amps are easy to haul around, and their efficiency enables terrific amounts of reliable and great-sounding power, no matter if it’s for stadium shows or club gigs.

Install Amps

Install Amps

Designed to always fit in, our range of install-dedicated amplification platforms cater to all system sizes. Whether renewing an obsolete system or creating a new one, our patented designs allow for flawless integration within existing structures, and for great value in long run saving strategies.

OEM Solutions

OEM Solutions

Loudspeaker manufacturers take care of the most important step in the path of making the sound alive, and we are proud of supporting their work by pushing amplification and signal processing forward, contributing to the creation of the most advanced active systems in the industry.


Our system manager makes it easy to set up and manage complex sound systems through a highly intuitive user interface. ArmoníaPlus offers a number of unique features that allow engineers to achieve significant improvements in sonic performance and system reliability.

Learning & Training

We offer training for anyone working in the professional audio market, enabling them to operate at the highest professional levels. The primary aim of Powersoft Training Initiatives is to maximize learning for systems integrators, rental companies, and loudspeaker manufacturers.


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Tabernacle of Glory

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Mezzo Series

Powersoft’s Flagship Amplifier Platform.

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