Educational environments need solutions that guarantee superior audio quality in a wide range of scenarios, which are at the same time easy to use and can ensure perfect integration with voice alarm systems. Education is looking at the future: long-lasting, scalable systems for durable investments are the key to success.


Powersoft’s install dedicated amplifier platforms are renowned for their reliability and low maintenance needs throughout the years. Clever devices and ArmoníaPlus software allow easy integration with other system components and perfect usability.

Application Examples

Mezzo Series

System Overview:

MEZZO source selections can pick any of the selected sources by GPI or by signal present selection. The powerful built-in DSP in MEZZO will provide signal processing like equalizing, delay, and protective limiters to ensure the best intelligibility for the students. Easy installation and integration of equipment because of the very small footprint (2 x ½ U)

Key Features:

  • Inbuild source selection allows for flexible and extremely cost-effective system set-up.
  • Dante output routing to feed to other systems
  • Simplified and easy control of the system performance
  • Power-sharing allows for a combination of low impedance full-range loudspeakers with high impedance ceiling loudspeakers
  • Reducing the need for additional equipment and added system complexity

System Overview:

This classroom offers full flexibility and comprises of a low impedance 2.1 system (left/right system with subwoofer) and high impedance ceiling mount loudspeakers. Efficiency is combined with price reduction by routing computer audio from the Smart Board directly in the amplifier.  All source selection and volume control are handled by the internal GPI, eliminating any additional equipment.

Key Features:

  • Full power sharing allows for flexible use of sub-woofer, full-range, and high impendence loudspeakers
  • Direct audio input from smart board
  • Straight forward and cost-efficient source selection using GPI
  • Cost-saving in mounting the audio equipment as part of the lecture stand. No additional rack required.