Clubs have specific requirements, based on their location, size, and music genre. The system must be reliable, flexible, and easy to use. The audio system is also often trusted to be at the heart of the safety system.


Powersoft’s install dedicated amplifier platforms come in an exhaustive range of power outputs, allowing club owners to tailor their sound to their specific requirements. The DSP+D versions are the perfect tool for tuning the sound of the system to match the venue’s specifications.

Application examples

Mezzo Series

System Overview:

In this hotel ballroom, the 3 rooms each are equipped with their own audio system comprising of directional column loudspeakers, 2 zones of ceiling mount loudspeakers, and 2 zones in the pre-function area.  The Dante integration will ensure all channels are available while the build-in DSP will ensure all systems are at pre-set levels and EQ and delay settings.

Key Features:

  • 6 individual systems comprising of 3 MEZZO DSP amplifiers
  • Dante backbone by using the build-in Dante routing
  • Source and scene selection by easy to install and program VCA remote control