Soundsystems for government applications must provide a straightforward way to deliver audio at the utmost levels of intelligibility. The system must be easy to operate and monitor even by untrained personnel while providing its performances for prolonged sessions.


Thanks to the sound-shaping options granted by the DSP versions of any Powersoft install dedicated amplifier platform it is possible to tailor the sound to fit the specific shape of different government environments, while ArmoníaPlus provides a hassle-free way to control and monitor the system through different levels of accessibility options.

Application Examples

Mezzo Series

System Overview:

This classroom offers full flexibility and comprises of a low impedance 2.1 system (left/right system with subwoofer) and high impedance ceiling mount loudspeakers. Efficiency is combined with price reduction by routing computer audio from the Smart Board directly in the amplifier.  All source selection and volume control are handled by the internal GPI, eliminating any additional equipment.

Key Features:

  • Full power sharing allows for flexible use of sub-woofer, full-range, and high impendence loudspeakers
  • Direct audio input from smart board
  • Straight forward and cost-efficient source selection using GPI
  • Cost-saving in mounting the audio equipment as part of the lecture stand. No additional rack required.

System Overview:

In a courtroom all information is public; every nuance in the spoken word has to be heard. Furthermore, the press and clerks have to have easy excess to streaming outputs. Connected are a Dante automatic microphone mixer and possibly external sources required for audio/ video playback. All sources are mixed and processed in the amplifier to provide outputs for the courtroom’s audio systems as well as external feeds. Easy to access source selection will allow for full control.

Key Features:

  • Dante input routing for dedicated source selection
  • Dante outputs for streaming output to media and clerks
  • GPI source selection and volume allows for cost-effective and efficient control.
  • Huge cost saving in equipment and rack space needed.