Overcome the limitations of traditional transducers



The IpalMod is the hardware/software platform provided by Powersoft and selected loudspeaker manufacturers to implement Integrated Powered Adaptive Loudspeaker (IPAL) technology, a functional solution to overcome the limitations of traditional transducers thereby setting a new state of the art low frequency sound system.

The “IPAL approach” allows a sensible increase of the “mains input to acoustic output” efficiency ratio by using full boundary-conditions processing. This new system can be used in a number of low-frequency applications such as very high power and energy-efficient subwoofers, steerable low-frequency arrays, very low distortion high SPL systems, low-frequency noise, and standing waves removal.

IPAL based amplifier/loudspeaker systems offer unprecedented acoustic performances and complete control of the system’s sound reproduction, regardless of the acoustic load and conditions. This all translates into more than double output SPL capability with respect to traditional speaker systems with the same driver size. The overall efficiency of the amplifier-loudspeaker system is also superior to any traditional design.

The IpalMod consists of:

  • a powerful single-channel amp module able to deliver up to 8500W @1Ω
  • a Zero Latency DSP
  • a differential pressure sensing device
  • optional interface board with serial networking capabilities (RS485)
  • software for full remote programming, diagnostics, and system monitoring.

IPAL compatible loudspeaker
IpalMod can work with standard transducers, but the draw-dropping results of this technology grants can be obtained only by using specifically designed woofers: Powersoft has already teamed up with major loudspeakers manufacturers to develop IPAL integrated products. We encourage other manufacturers to design and produce their own line of IPAL compatible speakers by providing tools and support needed to aid the process

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  • The amazing results offered by IPAL technology are possible thanks to the mix of several patented technologies developed by Powersoft:

    Patented “Differential Pressure Control®”: the core of IPAL control methods. One of the greatest limits on achieving outstanding acoustical performance is the lack of a global amplifier-loudspeaker feedback system, linking the electrical and the acoustical signal directly. The “Differential Pressure Control” (DPC®) does exactly this: it allows a differential pressure signal, mechanically obtained from the two sides of the moving loudspeaker membrane, to be fed to the amplifier just as any other electrical feedback signal. This grants a complete real-time characterization of the transducer and its acoustical load conditions, allowing for an input signal-to-SPL closed-loop design.

    Patented “Virtual Speaker” technology. The Virtual Transducer® is an amazingly powerful tool, making the real loudspeaker behave according to any user-defined model. The speaker designer can synthesize any desired driver using a dashboard to set the Thiele-Small parameters, even when not physically achievable. The bottom line is no alterations to performance due to aging, power compression or acoustic uncertainty. The behavior of the real amp-loudspeaker system is defined by the mathematical model built by the user.

    Patented “Zero Latency” DSP on board for Equalization, Filtering, Limiting, Delay. All control methods need a processing unit to correct and filter signals received from available sources. IPAL technology is based on a control method whose effectiveness strongly depends on how powerful and fast the signal processing is. That’s why we specifically designed a DSP core with an astonishing 10 µs latency on the critical analog in-analog out feedback path, allowing real-time corrections mimicking the “analog” feedback approach.

    Eighteen Sound Ipal Speakers

    Joining the IPALMod users family, Italian based speaker manufacturer Eighteen Sound delivers both 18” and 21” transducers, built around a 5.3” voice coil capable of handling up to 3600W program power.

    These high outputs, high precision subwoofer systems allow up for high-quality low-frequency reproduction in the most demanding acoustic conditions.

    Additional reliability is ensured by Eighteen Sound’s proprietary technologies including ACS (Active Cooling System) increasing power handling capabilities and lowering the power compression figure; TSS (Triple Silicon Spider) enabling the speaker’s response to be more linear, for a longer period of use.

    Please download “Powersoft and Eighteen Sound” (481 Kb).


    B&C Ipal Speakers

    The first company to join the IPAL development team at the very birth of the project was the Italian B&C Speakers: they studied, developed and manufactured a whole new generation of unique transducers together with Powersoft engineers.

    B&C have been producing two IPAL compatible products since 2010: the 18IPAL and the 21IPAL, an 18 inch and a 21-inch speaker respectively. These speakers have been used in many professional applications, proving their exceptional performance and reliability standards in time.

    Please download our Powersoft and B&C: An Introduction To IPAL Technology” (10.35 MB).

Output power in single-channel mode
Single-Ended Mode (SE)8500 W @ 1 Ω4500 W @ 2 Ω
Max output voltage / current
Single-Ended Mode (SE)180 Vpeak / 110 Apeak
AC main power
Power supplyUniversal, regulated switch mode with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
Rated Power Supply Voltage100-240 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz
Operating Voltage90 V – 264 V
Power factorcosθ> 0.95 @ full power
Average power consumption400 VA
EqualizerParametric equalizers: peaking, hi/lo-shelving, all-pass, band-pass, band-stop, hi/lo-pass
CrossoverButterworth, Linkwitz-Riley, Bessel: 6 dB/oct to 48 dB/oct (IIR)
Limiters and protectionsExcursion limiter, current& power limiter, current clamp, clip limiter, Brownout limiter, thermal