Houses Of Worship


Houses of worship pose significant challenges to the integrator tasked with the job of amplifying them. Sound distribution must be uniform, easy to control, and reliable. These systems are asked to provide clarity throughout the dynamic range, whether it be speech, or music reproduction, in very sonically-unforgiving venues usually characterized by high ceilings and highly reflective surfaces.


Powersoft’s install dedicated amplifier platforms can be spec’d with optional DSP, allowing for total control over the sound signal. Inbuilt protections ensure reliability even in the most demanding conditions, whilst an easy to use, fully customizable interface ensures straightforward system management. Even for untrained professionals.

Application Examples

Mezzo, Quattrocanali and Ottocanali Series

System Overview:

This church comprises a full system deployment for the main sanctuary. Dynamic routing capability embedded on amplifiers and Dynamic routing capability embedded on amplifiers sources, zones, scenes, and volume control allows for easy and full control of the entire system  Powersoft’s proven build-in DSP  provides equalizing, delay, cross-overs, and protective limiters to ensure quality and reliability

Key Features:

  • Proven DSP technology provides for system equalizing, cross-over, and protective limiters
  • Object driven signal flow/UI configuration tool
  • Dynamic Music Distribution
  • Power-sharing allows for a combination of low impedance full-range loudspeakers with high impedance ceiling loudspeakers
  • Powersoft integrated solutions eliminate the need for additional equipment.

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