Discover our applications for hospitality

Hospitality is all about enhancing the visitor’s experience. This is why Powersoft’s install dedicated amplifier platforms come in a wide range of power outputs options and channel count. Distributed sound systems also benefit from the inbuilt DanteTM interface that comes as an option throughout the install line, allowing for a drastic reduction of cable runs and to be installed directly onto preexisting networks.

Discover our applications for venues

Large-scale systems pose significant challenges, right from the design stage, all the way to the implementation. Powersoft aims to reduce the amount of time spent in these lengthy processes, by providing easy to use, reliable, highly efficient amplifier platforms that maximize the return of investment.

Discover our applications for residential

Powersoft amplifier platforms and moving magnet technologies enable you to take you home entertainment experience to the next level, both in gaming and in home theater applications.

Discover our applications for retail

Whether renovating a pre-existing audio system or planning a new one from scratch, Powersoft offers a wide array of features aimed to improve the user experience. Audio distribution can be controlled and monitored from remote decentralized locations, and the powerful DSP helps to tailor the sound to match the acoustics of the location. Armonía can be fully customized through the operator view, so that only a set of given functions may be accessible to day-to-day operators.

Discover our applications for houses of worship

Houses of worship pose significant challenges to the integrator tasked with the job of amplifying them. Sound distribution must be uniform, easy to control, and reliable. These systems are asked to provide clarity throughout the dynamic range, whether it be speech, or music reproduction, in very sonically-unforgiving venues usually characterized by high ceilings and highly reflective surfaces.

Discover our applications for fitness and leisure centers

A well defined acoustic signature makes any type of leisure center stand out from the crowd. To allow for in-depth system tuning, advanced routing options, and ultimate flexibility, Powersoft amplifier platforms offer state of the art DSP and DanteTM operability.

Discover our applications for government

Soundsystems designed for institutional uses are used primarily as PA systems, in which speech intelligibility is key. More crucially, Powersoft amplifiers provide a safe investment thanks to their reliability and low thermal dissipation and efficiency values.

Discover our applications for corporate

Corporate buildings require reliable audio distribution systems, as they are often used for different purposes alongside their normal function as PA. These complex systems oftentimes add up to be quite extensive, occupying large racks. Therefore keeping down power consumption and heat dissipation values are paramount.

Discover our applications for live sound

Live sound caters to a wide range of events, spanning from small gatherings, to festivals. Properly sizing a system is a balancing act between costs, functionality, and reliability.

Discover our applications for education

With system integrity, intelligibility, and costs being of paramount importance in any system designed for educational use, Powersoft offering of advanced install dedicated amplifier platforms bring a set of technologies aimed at specifying a reliable system that not only sounds good but is also easy to maintain and cheap to run.

Discover our applications for smart cities

Connecting city and people offers peculiar challenges that span from the physical implementation of technologies, to ethical questions regarding privacy. Data gathering can however change the shape of cities in positive ways, starting from public transportation.

Discover our applications for mobility solutions

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