Ottocanali 1204 Series

The Mission-Critical Amplifier Platform + Versatility

For mission-critical, multi-zone applications in small- to medium-scale installations, the 8-channel Ottocanali 1204 Series offers unprecedented versatility and ensures reliable, high-efficiency performance.

The Ottocanali 1204 is a Class D power amplification platform designed for multi-zone applications in small- to medium-scale installs. Capable of supplying a total 1200W over 8 channels for Lo-Z or constant voltage systems in a single rack unit, the Ottocanali 1204 Series also features optional BatFormers® — specially designed plug-in output transformers that enable the conversion any — or all — of the 8 channels into a 70V or 100V constant voltage output.

The Ottocanali 1204 Series offers a wide range of system control, sound shaping, and monitoring capabilities, and features adequate GPI/O, alarms, as well as mono-bridgeable channel pairs and a universal switch mode power supply with PFC.

For added versatility, the Ottocanali 1204 DSP+ETH version includes sound shaping functionality, crossovers, filters, limiters, and delay, as well as Ethernet connection, which enables extensive amplifier control, as well as system and load monitoring via PC and Armonía™ Pro Audio Suite™, and is in compliance with the requirements for emergency/alarm system as specified in IEC 60849.

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