1-2 IN / 4 OUT Advanced DSP board with AES3 digital input and Dante™ optional

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LOTO is a 1-2 in/4 out processing board specifically designed to provide advanced DSP functions to any powered product.

Featuring the same characteristics of the high-end X Series platform, LOTO delivers up to 2 sec of input delay, multi-layer input and output EQ, parametric raised cosine filters, custom FIR and IIR equalizers, as well as TruePower™, RMS and Peak limiters, Active DampingControl™, and Live Impedance.

Loto is available in 2 different flavors: Basic and Advanced, both of which completely supported and managed via ArmoníaPlus.

LOTO Basic features state of the art analog inputs and outputs, whilst LOTO Advanced furtherly increases routing options by adding AES3 digital input through XLR connectors, and the support of Dante™ digital audio networking architecture, with 2 inputs and 2 outputs. A TFT screen is also available as an option.

Flexible and reliable networking capabilities are granted by an auto-sensing Fast Ethernet (1Gbit/s), with an automatic configuration to quickly set up redundant and daisy-chained network topologies and assuring solid connectivity without any audio or control signal loss.

Compatible with all DigiMod PFC2 - PFC4, Litemod family, and Minimod4 amp modules, LOTO is ideal for any application with high processing and digital audio networking requirements, and represents the perfect DSP add-on for top-level multi-way systems and line arrays where complete control and premium performances are needed.


  • Top-grade DSP with high dynamic range and extensive feature set.
  • Multi-stage signal processing: innovative solutions for modeling speakers behavior and power handling.
  • Input and output IIR, FIR, IIR+FIR equalizers and raised-cosine filters.
  • Complete sets of limiters: peak, RMS voltage, RMS current, and TruePower™.
  • Active DampingControl™.
  • Dante ™ available.
  • AES3, AES67 compatible
  • 1.8”  TFT Display available


Configuration1-2 input, 4 output
Frequency response20 Hz – 20 kHz (±0.5 dB)
S/N ratio>118 dB
THD+N<0.02% (20 Hz – 20 kHz)
Input impedance10 kΩ (unbalanced) 20 kΩ (balanced)
Operating temperature range0° – 45° C – 32° – 113° F

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