The 1-2-in/4-out DSP Solution for DigiMod Series Amplifier Modules

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Fully compatible with all DigiMod Series amp modules, the DSP-D is a 1-2-in/4-out processing board designed to give OEM amplifier designers and end-users powerful programming capabilities to easily control a system in any application.

The DSP-D is a 1-2-in/4-out DSP processing board based on the Analog Devices SigmaDSP® platform, specifically designed for DigiMod Series amp modules to offer OEM amplifier system designers and end-users the necessary tools for tailoring the amplifier's behavior in any application.

The DSP-D is fully supported by the Powersoft ArmoníaPlus software, which allows for fast, easy access and powerful programming capabilities, letting OEM designers and end-users control and monitor active loudspeakers, as well as granting quick access to parameter settings, preset banks management, and group control. In addition, DSP-D offers unique Armonía functionalities, such as TruePower™ Limiter, Active Damping Control™, and IIR, limiters, and crossovers.


  • 1-2 Input - 4 Output available
  • SigmaStudio™ compatible
  • 4 storable presets
  • High performances
  • Intuitive, versatile and easy to use programming
  • Fully supported by ArmoníaPlus


Number of channels1-2 in / 4 out
ArchitectureAnalog Devices SigmaDSP® 50 MIPS
Internal processing28-bit data path with 56-bit internal processing
Latency1 ms fixed latency architecture
User data storageUp to 4 local presets, unlimited via ArmoníaPlus
Firmware updateRS-485 protocol or DSP Programming Board
Remote controlArmoníaPlus


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