The DSP Solution for OEM Amplifiers Seeking KDSP Series Processing Power

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Designed to provide OEM amplifiers with the same processing power and features available on Powersoft's flagship KDSP Series amplifier platform, the DSP-4 is ideal for any application with high processing and digital audio networking requirements.

The DSP-4 is a 1-in/4-out advanced processing board specifically designed to offer the features and processing power available on the flagship Powersoft KDSP Series rack amplifier platforms. Fully compatible with all DigiMod amp modules, the DSP-4 is well-suited for even the most demanding OEM applications, including top-level multi-way systems and line arrays where fast processing power and total system control are top requirements.

In addition, the DSP-4 is fully supported by ArmoníaPlus, enabling remote system control via Ethernet (AESOP network) and granting access to unique Armonía functionalities, including LiveImpedance™ Measurement, TruePower™ Limiter, and Active DampingControl™."


  • Powerful Analog Devices SHARC® DSP / 330MHz / 2000MFLOPS
  • 40 bit, floating-point data allowing for optimal dynamic range and lossless processing
  • Full integration in Powersoft ArmoníaPlus software
  • Large system setup and servicing is made easy
  • AES3 with selectable glitchless analog auto backup
  • Alignment delay up to 4s, with high temporal resolution (1 us step)
  • Crossover with IIR Butterworth, Bessel, and Linkwitz-Riley filters, up to 48 dB/octave
  • Advanced load impedance estimation
  • Peak limiter with lookahead
  • Custom FIR filter, 2048 taps @ 48 kHz shared arbitrarily between input and outputs
  • Arbitrary frequency response input equalizer, up to 256 raised cosine filter cells
  • TruePower™ limiter to avoid burning voice coils while getting the maximum performances from drivers
  • Patented damping control: get an optimally damped bass response
  • AES3 gain trim
  • AES3 link through
  • 1 channel input processing with proprietary Tandem technology for high SNR
  • 4 fully processed channel outputs
  • Automatic network configuration
  • Support multi-sampling rates
  • Fast failure recovery time: <0.05 s on the audio signal, <0.5 s on control data


Configuration1 input, 4 output
ArchitectureAnalog Devices SHARC® DSP 330 MHz/2000 MFLOPS
Internal processing40-bit floating-point and Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter for matching any input digital stream
Latency4.02 ms fixed latency architecture
User data storageUp to 10 local presets, unlimited via ArmoníaPlus
Firmware updateNetwork upgradable firmware
Remote controlArmoníaPlus
Environmental operating temperature0° – 40° C / 32° – 104° F


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