Discontinued Products – LiteMod HV

2 Channel High Efficiency Amplifier Module



The LiteMod HV is a compact and powerful switching mode amplifier module aimed to drive high impedance loads, capable to deliver 700 W @ 8 Ω per channel or 1400 W @ 16 Ω in bridge mode.

LiteMod HV is a flexible platform designed to fit into active monitors, two ways loudspeakers and small/medium subwoofer.

Capable of unrivaled sonic performances, the highest dynamic range and low distortion, the LiteMod HV provides high clean output power thanks to the last generation compact PFC power supply, guaranteeing reliability and consistency in all operating conditions and low power consumption (less than 0.55 W in standby).

Compatible with the majority of DSP solutions available from Powersoft, the LiteModHV performances can be easily tailored and controlled through Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus, making all kind of processing tools easily available.

MyPowersoft services are available for this product

  • Efficiency and robustness, always and everywhere

    • Powersoft switching mode technology grants reliability, robustness and attention to detail. Accurate design of the Pulse Width Modulation block offers maximum performance, high predictability and immunity from intermodulation artifacts.

    Maximize performances, minimize consumption

    • automatic mains voltage selector for world wide operation;
    • latest generation single-stage patented Power Factor Correction;
    • 0.5 W low standby power consumption
    • VHF protections: protects the loudspeakers against non audible, strong, non musical high frequency signals

    Complete set of protections

    • thermal shutdown;
    • 24 bit @ 48 kHz, 120 dB S/N AD/DA converters
    • short circuit and overload protection;
    • stationary high frequency protection.


    • power supply, output stage and connectors are all included in a single, compact, lightweight chassis.
Output power
Single-Ended Mode (SE)700 W @ 8 Ω400 W @ 16 Ω
Bridge Mode (BTL)1400 W @ 16 Ω
Max output voltage / current
Single-Ended Mode (SE)120 Vpeak / 31 Apeak
Bridge Mode (BTL)240 Vpeak / 31 Apeak
AC main power
Power supplyUniversal, regulated switch mode with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
Rated Power Supply Voltage100-240 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz
Operating voltage90 V – 264 V
Power consumption
Standby0.5 W
Idle18 W
1/8 of max output power @ 8 Ω260 W
Operating temperature range0° – 45° C – 32° – 113° F