DigiMod 3000PFC

2/4/6-Channel High Power Amplifier Module

DSP optional
Fixed Switch


Equipped with Powersoft’ PFC power supply, capable of driving up to three 2-channel output stages and delivering up to 4000W, the DigiMod 3000PFC represents the ultimate solution for top-level line arrays, high power subwoofer, and high-performance multi-channel applications.

Adopted by major loudspeaker brands to develop some of their flagship systems, the DigiMod 3000PFC is not only the perfect amp to power big active subwoofers but also reveals great sound clarity when used for mid and high frequencies.

Sound processing is not a concern when working with the DigiMod 3000PFC. This high-performance amplifier module turns out to be the perfect companion for, DSP-4, a 1in/4out DSP which brings on powered platforms the state-of-the-art capabilities of top-level rack amplifiers, including digital audio signal and networking

The DigiMod 3000PFC is available in two versions, different in terms of mechanical layout:

  • DigiMod 3000PFCsu includes both power supply and a 2-channel bridgeable output stage in the same chassis, for maximum long terms reliability.
  • DigiMod 3000PFC amp is the 2-channel bridgeable output stage version without the power supply. It works in combination with the DigiMod 3000PFCsu to create a 4-channel or 6-channel amp configuration.

This mechanical flexibility perfectly combines with the ability of the DigiMod 3000PFC’s power supply to drive up to three 2-channel bridgeable output stages and makes it possible to fit a number of different configurations by mixing different units.

MyPowersoft services are available for this product

  • Power Factor Correction (PFC): for worldwide operation and error-proof connection to mains voltage (up to 400VAC tolerant)
  • High efficiency/low consumption universal power supply
  • Fixed frequency switch mode output stage for highest grade audio accuracy
  • Power output: 2x1700W on 4Ω in single-ended mode, 1x3400W in bridge, total 4000W available for multi-channel applications
  • Flexibility: available in ‘single unit’ version to maximize compactness or with a separated power supply and amplification stage to ease mechanical integration
  • Ready for multi-way/multi-channel applications: possibility of feeding up to three 2-channel bridgeable amplification stages with a single power supply unit
  • Optional DSP board with 4 presets
  • High Performances Ethernet Based Digital Audio Routing and control Optional board
  • Full set of certifications: for quick and easy product development
  • Comprehensive and smart protection features: thermal, over-current, non-audio signals
  • Thermal protection (power limiting – thermal shutdown)
  • Short-circuit/overload output protection
  • Clip limiter
  • High-frequency protection
  • Auxiliary output voltage (±12V regulated, 350mA max)
  • Bypass line outputs for external active/passive filters
  • Mute command
  • Temperature-controlled internal Fan and outputs
Output power
Single ended mode (SE)1700 W @ 4 Ω1100 W @ 8 Ω600 W @ 16 Ω
Bridge mode (BTL)3400 W @ 8 Ω2200 W @ 16 Ω
Max output voltage / current
Single ended mode (SE)135 Vpeak / 52 Apeak
Bridge mode (BTL)270 Vpeak / 52 Apeak
AC main power
Power supplyUniversal, regulated switch mode with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
Nominal power requirement100-240 V ±10%, 50-60 Hz
Operating voltage90 V – 264 V
Power consumption
1/8 of max output power @ 4 Ω600 VA
Operating temperature range0° – 45° C – 32° – 113° F
Thermal dissipation
1/8 of max output power @ 4 Ω115 V: 464 BTU/h – 116.9 kcal/h230 V: 464 BTU/h – 116.9 kcal/h
1/4 of max output power @ 4 Ω115 V: 850 BTU/h – 214.2 kcal/h230 V: 850 BTU/h – 214.2 kcal/h