Rack Amps FAQ


  • Does ArmoníaPlus have an Autosave function?

    Yes. Autosave can be managed from ‘Options’ (A+), ‘General’ and by configuring the parameters under the Autosave option. The “Open Autosave Folder” button is used to recall saved files. You can also access the autosave files by clicking the A+ logo and selecting “New/Open”

  • Can I add custom images to my Speaker presets?

    Yes, with the new .spk3, you can add your custom images as well as add MEQs and enter useful data for the final customer. Further information can be found inside the DSP of an amplifier such as the X Series on the part: Speaker configuration.

  • How can I open an Armonia Plus project automatically whenever I turn on my computer?

    Just copy a link of the project to this directory: C:\Users\admin\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup

  • Where are the ArmoniaPlus events, can't I find them anymore?

    Events has been replaced with the new monitoring and measurement system called Health +. Health_ can be accessed from the top middle section of ArmoníaPlus.

  • What is Health +?

    Is the new ArmoniaPlus monitoring and measurement system, which allows you to accurately monitor each amplifier, speakers, and in-and-out signals. Furthermore you allow yourself to measure a lot of information for analysis.

  • How can I reset my Powersoft Amplifier?

    Add your device into the workspace, right-click on the amplifier, then select Device–>Reset

  • How many filters can I set in the advanced/array groups ?

    Up to 32 filters per layer, 3 layers for each EQ, for a total of 96 filters per channel.

  • How many groups can be assigned to a speaker?

    Up to a 8 Advanced/Array groups.

  • How to save a Template?

    Just create your project and then go to A + menu and choose Save as template. Each time you open ArmoniaPlus you will have the option to start from the previously created project.

  • Where can I find plugins for OEM manufacturers?

    In Market Place, (which is in the A + menu) where you can install the plug-ins already present there as well as the preset libraries that each brand makes available. If you can’t find the plug-in you want on Market Place, get in touch with specific brand support and they will support you.

  • I cannot patch my Dante input from Armonia Plus, what is missing?

    First, make sure you have Armonia Plus V1.4 and above for this feature. To be able to patch your amplifier’s Dante input from Armonia Plus, select the “A+” logo, go to “Options”, on “Options”, select “Communication Manager”. On “Communication Manager”, select the “Dante” column for the network poert you are working with. Bear in mind if Dante is enabled for the port, Armonia Plus would be enabled as well. To disable Armonia Plus for the said port, click the radio button to turn it “OFF”.

  • Is there a Mac OS version of ArmoníaPlus

    At the moment ArmoníaPlus is only for Windows platform but can be used on Mac OS running a Virtual Machine software like “Parallels” or similar. The application note on how to do this is available here

  • What is MEQ "Manufacturer EQ"?

    MEQ are a set of equalizations that the manufacturer develops for a speaker or a series of speakers to compensate low frequencies (Speakers coupling) to compensate the air loss (Long, medium, short throw) and for Low / High Contourn equalization or for musical styles.

  • Mezzo

  • How can I monitor Powersoft Amplifier?

    If using DMD, the user can use HealthPlus.

    If not using DMD the user can monitor the Mezzo with the 3rd Party API, HealthPlus, or SNMP.

  • What is the max number of zones supported by Mezzo?

    Maximum number of zones depends on the model that you have.
    See the Application Note – Dynamic Music Distribution Design Guide

  • I am trying to hard reset the Mezzo but it is not working

    Turn off the mains or plug out the power cable from the amplifier. Press and hold the “CAL” button at the back of the amplfier while turning on the mains or plugging in the power cable. Wait for the RED LED to light up on “STATUS and “SIGNAL” then let go the button. Wait for the amplfier to go through it’s reset procedure.

  • I forgot the IP address of my Mezzo how can I connect to it?

    You can reset the network setting of the said unit. Resetting the network will put the Mezzo IP setting to DHCP and for the AD version, it will change the network port configuration to switched/split, depending on the previous mode. No settings on the DSP will be lost with this procedure. To reset the network, press and hold the “CAL” button at the back for more than 5 seconds. Once the LED on network light up blue, let go the button. The blue LED will blink once to confirm that the procedure is correct. If it doesn’t blink, repeat the procedure.

  • WM Touch

  • What PoE Standard does the WM Touch adhere to?

    IEEE 802.3af-2003 PoE standard provides up to 15.4 W power on each port. It uses a minumum of 44vDC.

  • Can the WM Touch operate in either Landscape or Portrait Mode?

    Yes. This can be set from the Hidden Settings menu in the WM Touch. Check the product’s User Guide section Local Configuration for more information.

  • How do I remove the WM Touch from the wall?

    Using the removal pin provided with the product, unclip the panel from the metal plate. Be very careful not to damage the Touchpanel. The metal plate is hooded onto integrated plastic tabs of the WMT Touch. The Tool is used to unhook the metal hooks from the plastic tabs.

  • What mounting options do I have for the WM Touch?

    Use a standard (1) Gang Electrical box. Low Voltage boxes are acceptable. The box should be mounted horizontally to support the Landscape orientation. The electircal box should be mounted vertically to support the Lortrait orientation.

  • Can I apply a custom logo to the lock screen of the WM touch ?

    Yes, a custom image can be loaded from ArmoniaPlus. You must use a 100 pixel X 100 pixel .png graphics file.

  • Can I customise the layout of the WM Touch?

    No. The layout uses fixed graphics with designated positions of appearance. Much time and thought went into the User Interface Engineering and Control System flow. This feature adds value as the integrator does not have to spend time creating custom graphics themes for the customer.

  • Can the WM Touch be combined with 3rd party control plug ins like Crestron?

    Yes, the commands for changing sources and zones can be generated by 3rd party control devices

  • Do I need to keep Armonia Plus running when the WM Touch is controlling the system?

    No, there is no need for any computer connected to the system when WM Touch is running in the system.

  • Does the WM Touch use standard PoE, PoE+, or PoE++?

    Standard PoE. The IEEE 802.3af-2003 PoE standard provides up to 15.4 W power on each port.

  • Can I configure the IP address of the WM Touch to be static?

    Yes. The IP Address can be configured to be static in ArmoniaPlus. This parameter is found under Config > IP.

  • The GUI layout of controls for WM Touch and Sys control App is predefined and fixed, but the integrator can pick and choose which parameters to control?

    True. The graphics once selected, their position size and color are fixed. However not all controls need be present. Bselecting the check boxes for the parameters in the WM Touch, or by turning on the switches in the Views Designer the programmer can add the desired control parameters to the control scheme.

  • Can we make multiple channels from multiple amps work as a single zone?

    Yes. Any channel from any amplifier can be the member of a zone, but a member of only (1) zone. Amplifier channels can not be members of multiple Zones. Once an amplifier channel is assigned to a zone, it can no longer be assigned to be a part of any other zone.

  • Can I use a WM touch as part of a typical network and use standard network switches, Category cable and PoE?

    Yes, the WM touch is a PoE network device and can be incoorperated in any standard network. The WM Touch is powered by standard PoE and can be connected with Category 5 or higher unsheilded cable.

  • Can I use the WM Touch and passive WMP controllers in the same system?

    Yes, however, all controls assigned to the passive controllers will be read-only in the WM Touch. In other words, if the level of a zone is controlled with a local WMP knob, it will not be possible to control this level from the WM Touch.

  • My WM Touch is displaying an "Update Fail" message. What should I do?

    It is likely that the device firmware needs to be updated. Please check the Troubleshooting section in the product’s User Guide for detailed instructions regarding the upgrade of firmware in the WM Touch.

  • What is the maximum cable length for Category cable recommended for use on a network supporting the WM Touch?

    A maximum lenght of 100 m (328 ft.) is recommended.

  • What type of Ethernet cable should I use to conenct the WM Touch to the network?

    Category 5 or higher grade cable.

  • How do I need to configure WM Touch

    Some configurations such as screen orientation and language can be set directly on the device. More advanced configurations will require ArmoniaPlus. Please refer to the product’s Users Guide here for more information.

  • Is it possible to combine the WM Touch with the SYS Control app or Web Views in the same system?

    Yes, the WM Touch includes the Views Host for running controls on the SYS Control app and Web Views, so no additional hardware is needed

  • Which Powersoft products can be controlled with the WM touch?

    Mezzo is the perfect fit for WM Touch, however any DSP+Dante enable Powersoft product can be controlled

  • Can I use multiple WM Touch panels in a system?

    Yes, there is no restriction to the number of WM Touch panels used in a system

  • Can I restrict access to the WM Touch controls?

    Yes, a screen unlocks passcode can be set.

  • Do I need the Views Host running on a PC if I have a WM Touch in my system?

    No, the WM Touch has an embedded Views Host and can also be used to run the SYS Control app and Web Views

  • What am I able to control with the WM Touch?
    • Input source selection per zone
    • Level and mute per zone
    • Scene Recall
    • System Power On/Off
  • Products Info

  • How to set the energy save on the Canali Series?

    To activate the Energy Save mode on the Canali Series, the DIP Switches on the rear panel for Duecanali and Quattrocanali and on the front panel for Ottocanali Series must be used. The activation times are 4 seconds for Ottocanali and 30 Minutes for Duecanali and Quattrocanali Series. Through ArmoniaPlus you can change the activation time and the threshold for the input signal that will activate the energy save.


  • How to change the brightness of the T-Series display?

    In the display go to page 10, hold the “cogwheel” key for 3 seconds and then choose the “LCD brightness” option. You can choose between: Dark, Normal, Bright.

  • How can I change or reset IP address of my M Series amplifier?

    Use Lantronix Device Installer and follow our Tech Note: M series IP Management and Recovery

  • The amplifier is showing a Red light what do I have to do?

    X series Red Light means a hardware fault. Reboot the amplifier and if the red light is still present contact Powers Service Center at service@powersoft.it

  • How to make the auto setup in the Mezzo Series?

    Just hold down the button in the rear panel for 3 seconds, the amplifier will send a signal to the speakers, it will make specific measurements and settings for each channel and after a few seconds the amplifier will be ready for use. Autosetup also can be triggered from ArmoniaPlus under “Autosetup” Tab in the workspace.

  • Can I use Mezzo with both Hi-Z and Low-Z loudspeaker?

    Yes, the amplifier is capable to work in mixed configuration without any problem. To protect loudspeaker be sure to have the right preset loaded or use the AutoSetup function.

  • Can I control the volume of the amplifier with an external potentiometer?

    Yes, Mezzo series and Canali series (except for Ottocanali) amplifiers have a dedicated VCA input where a 10kOhms potentiometer can be connected.

  • Can I save the settings (snapshot) of an X Series amplifier on the K Series?

    Unfortunately not because they have different DSPs, to better understand these differences you can use Armonia Plus, adding the amplifiers in offline to understand what each DSP offers you.

  • How can I export Log files in X Series amplifiers?

    Insert USB Key (FAT32) in the front panel an press together CH2 & CH3 buttons (on X4 / X4L) or CH 4 & CH 5 (on X8)

  • Firmware updates

  • How to update the K-series firmware?

    To update the K Series firmware, you must contact the distributor or Service Center nearest you. Specifying the model, and current amplifier firmware.

  • I want to update my amplifier's firmware manually. Where can I find the firmware to download?

    All firmware can be found on our website: https://www.powersoft.com/en/download/firmware/

  • How to update my amplifier with the latest firmware available?

    Go in the System List page is it possible to update firmware for T series, X series, Canali Series and Mezzo series.

  • Network setting

  • How to reset the network in the T Series?

    In the display go to page 9.1, hold down the “cogwheel button” for 3 seconds and then confirm the operation that will reset the network and report the amplifier to DHCP. If you want to also reset Dante Network of the amplifier just go to the next page 9.2 and do the same operation.

  • Do I need to connect the amplifier to a DHCP server to control it?

    No, DHCP server is not required. If you don’t have a DHCP server the amplifier will automatically take the IP address 169.254.xxx.xxx.

  • How to update the K Series firmware?

    To update the K Series firmware, you must contact the distributor or Service Center nearest you. Specifying the model, and current amplifier firmware.

  • I can't discover my amplifier in ArmoníaPlus

    Enable the network card in the communication manager of A+. If the problem persist do a network reset of the device.

  • How to reset the network in the X Series?

    Press together Wi-Fi button and Callback Button until front panels leds start flashing green. Release the buttons and wait the amplifier reboot itself.

  • How to reset the network in the Canali Series?

    Remove front panel left mask (magnetic) and press the soft reset button for 3 sec.

  • Is it possible to have control redundancy via ArmoníaPlus?

    Unfortunately it is not possible to have the redundancy in the control but only the redundancy of Dante, in the X and Ottocanali Series.

  • Dante/AES67

  • How to update the Dante firmware?

    Using Dante Updater integrated into Dante Controller.
    All firmwares can be also found on our website: https://www.powersoft.com/en/download/firmware/

  • Are Powersoft amplifiers compatible with AES67?

    All Powersoft amplifiers with the lastest Dante firmware support AES67

  • Are Powersoft amplifiers compatible with Dante Domain Manager?

    All Powersoft amplifiers that have the latest Dante firmware can be enrolled in a Dante Domain

  • Speaker Presets

  • Are Presets for Canali Series compatible with the Mezzo Series?

    Mezzo’s DSP is different from Canali series DSP, although a lot of presets are compatible. Adding a speaker in ArmoníaPlus you can filter the list of speaker selecting the voice “Mezzo Compatible”

  • Can I link the speakers to the M and K Series amplifiers?

    Unfortunately, this function is only present on the X Series, Canali DSP+D Series and Mezzo Series. This because of the difference in the DSP.

  • Can I load an M-Series preset in the K-Series and vice versa?

    For the M and K series, there are some differences in the DSP that involves the compatibility of the presets. If you need to copy a preset for the M Series on the K Series, you should copy filter by filter manually. In addition, there are additional features on the K Series that are not present on the M Series. For more information, you can use ArmoniaPlus to add offline amplifiers to understand the differences.