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Board of Directors

The current Board of Directors has seven members and was appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting on 23 April 2024 and will remain in office until the date of approval of the financial statements as of 31 December 2026.

Carlo Lastrucci


Carlo Lastrucci stands out in the telecommunications industry, successfully serving as a top manager for over forty years. He began his career at OTE Telecommunication, demonstrating exceptional leadership. His contributions were crucial in numerous high-profile projects, including the design and implementation of an innovative telecommunications system for Gazprom in Russia. In 1998, persuaded by his sons to join the newly founded startup Powersoft, he embraced the challenge of becoming its President. Focusing on foreign business development, he immediately brought his vast experience and strategic vision, significantly contributing to Powersoft’s growth and international expansion.

Luca Lastrucci


With a degree in Electronic Engineering, a PhD in Artificial Intelligence applied to voice recognition and an MBA, Luca Lastrucci began his career as a researcher at Berkeley, advancing the scientific field with important publications. As a co-founder of Powersoft in 1995, he led the software development until 2001, and then took on the role of CEO in 2011, focusing on the company’s expansion and organization. Since 2016, he has also led Ideofarm, an incubator and accelerator for technological innovation. His management has yielded significant results for Powersoft, marked by revenue growth and staff expansion, and a strategy for international expansion that included going public, solidifying Powersoft’s position as a global technology leader in the professional audio industry.

Claudio Lastrucci

Executive Board Member – R&D Director

A prominent electronic engineer and co-founder of Powersoft, Claudio Lastrucci has been the Director of the R&D department from the start, showcasing his ingenuity in the fields of power electronics, audio amplification, signal processing, acoustics, and transducer design. With a focus on energy efficiency, he patented revolutionary technologies that were applied in the first professional Class-D amplifier, capable of delivering unprecedented power levels in compact sizes with low consumption. His work propelled the evolution of the entire audio industry, his extensive patent activity underscores his constant dedication to research and development, and numerous international awards and recognitions attest to his broad impact in the professional audio industry, reinforcing Powersoft’s reputation as a high-value brand and hotbed for technological development.

Antonio Peruch

Executive Board Member - Cost Assestment & Production Engineering Director

An electronic engineer and co-founder of Powersoft, Antonio Peruch has applied his skills in hardware design and the development of switching power supplies, significantly contributing to the engineering of the first Class-D amplifiers. In his role as Cost Assessment & Production Engineering Director, he leads the transformation of engineering concepts into practical solutions, optimizing the interaction between technological innovation and industrial applicability, without ever compromising on quality and performance. His vision, integrating engineering innovation with economic acumen, reflects a commitment to efficiency and sustainability that enhances Powersoft’s competitiveness by producing technically superior and financially accessible audio solutions.

Luca Giorgi - Sales Director

Executive Board Member

Luca Giorgi is distinguished for his contributions to the commercial sector, bringing his vast experience acquired in highly technical fields such as aerospace, telecommunications, and manufacturing. Joining Powersoft in 2007, he played a crucial role in coordinating the global distribution network and demonstrated exceptional ability to develop and maintain strategic relationships with key clients. His strategic vision and sensitivity to market needs have favored the company’s international expansion. As General Manager and a member of the Board of Directors of Powersoft Advanced Technologies Corp, a group company focused on the North American market, he has helped to increase Powersoft’s presence and adoption in one of the world’s most competitive markets.

Lorenzo Lepri

Non-Executive Board Member

An expert in management and finance with over two decades of leadership experience in the technology sector, Lorenzo Lepri currently serves as the Chief Corporate Development Officer at His career has seen him leading Register/DADA, a company listed on Milan’s STAR segment, and holding key positions at Mediobanca in the Corporate Finance & ECM department. As the founder and CEO of WeB2B, an e-commerce startup, and a graduate in Business Administration from Bocconi University, he brings a strategic and innovative vision to Powersoft. His ability to merge management, finance, entrepreneurship, and technology in multinational companies and in rapidly evolving sectors aligns with Powersoft’s goals of expansion and innovation, and with the ambition to strengthen its standing in the global professional audio market.

Antonella Diana

Independent Board Member

With a degree in Management Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, Antonella Diana brings extensive international experience in the B2B sector, managing both products and services. She holds key roles such as CEO for Legrand in various geographic areas and leads the YLDA SPA group as President and CEO, driving the company towards expansion into new markets. Under her leadership, Sebach, a Ylda group company, is distinguished for its collaborative and inclusive work environment, earning the recognition of “Best Workplaces for Women” in Italy in 2021 and 2022. Drawing on her deep experience and strategic vision, Antonella makes a significant contribution to Powersoft, supporting the company’s growth trajectory and technological innovation, with a keen eye also on promoting diversity and inclusion within the company.

Board of Statutory Auditors

The current Board of Statutory Auditors was appointed on 27 April 2023 and will remain in office until the date of the shareholders’ meeting called to approve the financial statements as of 31 December 2025.

Luigi Fazzini

Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors

He holds a degree in Economics and Commerce and he is a member of the Florence Board of Chartered Accountants and the Board of Certified Auditors, as well as being a chartered accountant specialised in auditing, corporate affairs, contracts and business management. He has previously held and currently holds positions in the control bodies of various groups.

Federica Menichetti

Statutory Auditor

She graduated in Law and is a member of the Rome bar association, as well as a corporate law expert specialized in corporate governance and compliance. She has previously held and currently holds positions in the control entities and supervisory bodies of various companies, including corporates with international exposure.

Marcello Braglia

Statutory Auditor

Chartered Accountant and Statutory Auditor, registered with the Order of Bologna since 1991, he specializes in the tax and corporate sectors. He has advised on numerous corporate reorganizations, acquisitions, and listings on regulated markets. He holds positions in the control and supervisory bodies of various national and international medium/large-sized groups.

Massimiliano Manfredi

Alternate Statutory Auditor

After having achieved a degree in Economics and Business, Massimiliano Manfredi has become a member of the Florence Board of Chartered Accountants, the Board of Certified Auditors, the Register of Technical Consultants and Florence Court’s List of Experts. He has been a founding partner of Studio Associato Morandi Manfredi Pirgher since 2015, providing tax and corporate consultancy. He also serves in the control bodies of various companies as Chairman of the Board of Statutory Auditors or Standing Auditor appointed to conduct statutory audits.

Paolo Limberti

Alternate Statutory Auditor

After a degree in Economics and Commerce, he has become member of the Prato Board of Chartered Accountants, the Board of Certified Auditors; he is also a chartered accountant and director of the auditing firm Revidas S.r.l. He serves as Statutory Auditor and/or sole auditor of various companies and cooperative companies since 2009.

Supervisory Board

​The Supervisory Board was appointed on 23 April 2024 and will remain in office for the duration of the current mandate of the Board of Directors.

Federica Menichetti

Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Carlo Bombace

Member of the Supervisory Board

Auditing Company

EY has been appointed as the independent auditor until the approval of the financial statements as of 31 December 2025.

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