Product Repair


If your product needs to be repaired, Powersoft S.p.A offers technical assistance service through the Factory Service Center based in Italy and a network of authorized service centers spread all over the world.

(Note: To request technical assistance on Mezzo series amplifiers and OEM products, contact directly your dealer/point of sale who will take care of continuing the practice with Powersoft, and communicate you any other details on the procedure to be followed.)

To request technical assistance, please refer to the following steps:

  1. Choose the nearest Powersoft authorized service center selecting it from the authorized service centers map
  2. Fill the Product Repair Form
  3. You will be soon contacted by our staff that will provide you the RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) in PDF format and the shipping details
  4. Print the RMA and attach it to the packaging you will use to ship the goods
  5. Ship the goods to the service center you selected

Note: The devices must be boxed using the original packaging to preserve their integrity and to ensure the compliance with regulatory requirements.

Proceeding with repair request you expressly accept Powersoft S.p.A. service policy.

Discontinued products Support

From 1st April 2017, Powersoft Factory service center and all authorized service centers will not provide any more service assistance on the following devices including the corresponding OEM.

  • DIGAM Series
  • Q&D Series
  • LD & LQ Series
  • QTU
  • PowerMod modules

For any details please contact us.

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