The Ultimate System for High SPL low frequency Applications

Combining Powersoft's cutting-edge M-Force transducer with the M-Drive amp module, the M-System offers an innovative, powerful solution for low frequency applications.

The M-System is a combination of the M-Force transducer, which features a moving magnet linear motor structure, along with the M-Drive amp module specifically designed to capitalize on the potential of the M-Force technology. Together, the M-Force and M-Drive constitute the M-System, which is capable of delivering incredible power and performance in low frequency applications.

The linear motor structure of the M-Force transducer — distinct from conventional moving coil transducers and offering users a new way of interpreting subharmonic sound reproduction — together with the efficient M-Drive amp module, makes M-System the ideal companion for high efficiency, high SPL low frequency sound reinforcement applications.

Also featuring Powersoft's Differential Pressure Control technology, or DPC®, developed for the IpalMod amp module, M-System provides powerful tools for creating full boundary condition acoustic processing, as well as complimentary active control and performance enhancement.


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