Overcome the limitations of traditional transducers

The IpalMod is the hardware/software platform provided by Powersoft and selected loudspeaker manufacturers to implement Integrated Powered Adaptive Loudspeaker (IPAL) technology, a functional solution to overcome the limitations of traditional transducers thereby setting a new state of the art low frequency sound system. The "IPAL approach" allows a sensible increase of the "mains input to acoustic output" efficiency ratio by using full boundary-conditions processing. This new system can be used in a number of low-frequency applications such as very high power and energy-efficient subwoofers, steerable low-frequency arrays, very low distortion high SPL systems, low-frequency noise, and standing waves removal. IPAL based amplifier/loudspeaker systems offer unprecedented acoustic performances and complete control of the system's sound reproduction, regardless of the acoustic load and conditions. This all translates into more than double output SPL capability with respect to traditional speaker systems with the same driver size. The overall efficiency of the amplifier-loudspeaker system is also superior to any traditional design. The IpalMod consists of:
  • a powerful single-channel amp module able to deliver up to 8500W @1Ω
  • a Zero Latency DSP
  • a differential pressure sensing device
  • optional interface board with serial networking capabilities (RS485)
  • software for full remote programming, diagnostics, and system monitoring.
IPAL compatible loudspeaker IpalMod can work with standard transducers, but the draw-dropping results of this technology grants can be obtained only by using specifically designed woofers: Powersoft has already teamed up with major loudspeakers manufacturers to develop IPAL integrated products. We encourage other manufacturers to design and produce their own line of IPAL compatible speakers by providing tools and support needed to aid the process.

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