KAESOP plug-in board provides Powersoft K-Series amplifiers with a proprietary AESOP (AES Ethernet Simple Open Protocol) network dedicated to live applications where high quality audio, easy system configuration and reliability must be guaranteed.

All K Series amplifiers can be factory-equipped with KAESOP or retrofitting. KAESOP board implements:

  • Digital audio over Cat-5e: 2 AES3 signals (equivalent to 4 discrete audio channels) via main RJ45′s on front and rear panel
  • Easy setup and management via ArmoníaPlus
  • Standard 100Mbit/s Ethernet protocol allowing direct connection to PC
  • Auto-sense, auto-addressing
  • Main ethernet topologies compliancy: daisy-chain, ring, star
  • Redundant topologies allowing for fail-safe system configuration
  • 2 main RJ45 ports on rear panel, 2 aux RJ45 ports on front panel