How should I connect the signal input to D-Cell504, without input interface, if I would like to use it in Mono input configuration?

If you use D-Cell504 in Mono Input configuration, you must connect the input to the channel 1 and channel 2 in parallel following this instructions:

1)     Connect the input signal to the input channel 2 in CN1 connector:

                  – IN2- to PIN4

                  – IN2+ to PIN5

                  – GND to PIN6


2)     Connect the input channel 2 in parallel with the input channel 1 in the same CN1 connector:

                – PIN5 to PIN22

                – PIN4 to PIN23

                – PIN6 to PIN21


BY1 in/out and BY2 in/out are the pins of input and output to connect an external potentiometer to control input channel or even to add something like analog HP Filter or pad attenuator. If you don’t want to add any kind of processing in input, please connect together these pins:

                -PIN7 to PIN8

                -PIN19 to PIN20